November 7, 2006

Help your child to develop concentration by setting an example.

Posted in The Loving Tree at 11:23 am by joeychan

parent11.jpgMany children’s concentration comes from imitating. Can concentration be imitated? Let us use an example. Imagine when you are sitting at the table helping your child, Emily, to work on her assignment. While you are explaining to her what to do for the assignment that is lying on the table, there is a “bang” sound made by the neighbour from outside the door. You immediately stop your explanationm and look up at the door to check (although you can’t really see anything anyway because the sound is from the outside). Then you realize nothing big deal is going on and so to go back on with your explanation. One minute later, there is the “bang” sound again. This time, even when you know nothing big is gonna go wrong and thus you are not looking around anymore, can you guess what Emily would do? Yes. She would look up at the door to check. What we as parents should do to positively affect children’s concentration is, whether we are working on their work or our own work, we should show our children how we can ignore distractions and focus on the work. Or in the first few tries, if you notice your child is distracted by disturbances even when you’re not, you can show him/her that you are still focused and asks briefly for his/her attention again. Believe it or not, in time, your child will be able to imitate this subconciously from someone he/she dearly looks up to. However, if you consistantly fails to demostrate the habit of concentrating under distractions , I am afraid your child will also pick up the habit of getting distracted easily during work. This may not be the only cause of a low ability to focus but it definitely plays a major role in the development of your child’s concentration skills.


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