April 22, 2006

“SHXT! Where is my phone??!!”

Posted in Inspirations at 8:54 am by joeychan

“SHXT! Where is my phone??!!”

“DXXM! I left my wallet at work!!!”

“FXXK!! I forgot to bring my keys! And I have no access home! Where are you now?”

Do you yourself or you have a friend around you who say one or more of the above at least once every other month? If you do, I beg you to read on.

I think, out of every 30 humans, there is at least one member who is so forgetful that it becomes a regular topic for entertainment at social gatherings and an infamous signature of that person. He loses phones, keys, wallets and other little things so frequently that it’s impossible to keep track for them anymore at this age. The reaction of the people around this forgetful person varies depending on who that person is- if that person has a special identity, for example, an artiste, or a very talented and professional musician, the people around him, will usually comment with “oh dear, you silly thing!”, or “awww, how can he be so forgetful? hheh!” along with a motherly smile. However, if the forgetful person has an “ordinary” identity, he will very likely be yelled at by parents everytime he forgets something, or his friends will response by giving “Geez-he’s-hopeless” kind of gazes among one another at his forgetfulness. And more, his lover will be so disappointed by his “irresponsibility” by thinking that he’s too childish to be in a long-term relationship. But today, I am not here to talk about how ordinary people are being treated differently from artistes in everyday lives. Instead, I’d like to talk about the real reason behind forgetfulness.

Forgetful people are usually accused of the following sins- mindless, naive, irresponsible, spoilt, and many more of the kind. Before we find out if they are really guilty of the above characteristics, I would like you to first think about this- have you realized that there is one real similarity among all these forgetful people around us? No? Yes? No? Yes. There is. And that they are all very creative people. Or I should say, they are either very creative or they are very talented in one or more aspects of art. Is it a coincident? Yes? No? Yes? No. It is not a coincident at all. People who are talented in art are not talented for no reason, just like how creative people are not creative for no reason. They think and observe more than anyone else does. That’s how they get their brilliant ideas and invent view points that we have never seen from. Whether they are walking on the street, taking a bus, staring at some ants, waiting for the traffic lights to change or they seem like they are idling, they are always observing and thinking. And there is this inappropriate time when they think that causes them so much trouble. It is when they are switching activities. When they are going from one activity to another, especially when it involves interacting with people, their mind spins even faster and their eyes are busier than ever observing. At this time, their brains are  occupied with too many things at the same time that they basically have no idea what the other parts of their bodies are doing. It is not that they get out of control to the extent of tap-dancing in front of friends. What they don’t realize is that their hands are putting down things in random places. They have no idea that they are about to put the glasses behind the soya sauce bottle and they are never going to see the glasses again. Nor do they realize they are about to put their mobile phone on the lap and the little toy will slide down onto the taxi seat in no time and disappear for good. But sometimes they get lucky, too. Ocassionally, they later get to have a glimpse and realize that their items are lying around at these absurd places. But their minds have not had the chance to spin down yet and they decide to pick up their items later. But it always happens that, the next time they think about the item again, it is already a time when it is too late to regret.

However, I am not here to defend and protest for the Forgetful Men and Women Union. I actually have a few solutions for these poor souls. Accept the fact that your mind spins at too high a speed for you to “do it later”. Upon the first flash of a moment when you realize your phone is lying on the countertop of your kitchen, pick it up and stuff it into your pocket. Don’t wait until later. When you see your key holder lying on your office desk because you took them out to use the HSBC security device that is attached to it to check your account balance with web banking, put it back into your bag right away. Don’t wait until later. Or, when you are about to enter a room, especially a room with people who have the potential to give your mind a busy time, either spin down your mind for a while or stuff everything away immediately before you step into the scene. Be calm for a brief moment so that you won’t put things down without yourself realizing, or stuff away your personal belongings so you can’t even leave them behind. DON’T WAIT UNTIL LATER.

Not all creative people are forgetful, but all forgetful people are creative. And if you are lucky enough to not be a forgetful dude, please understand that no matter how hard your hopeless friends are trying, they are only going to improve from losing 8 phones a year to losing 2 phones a year, and they may have already tried their best. Their high mega-hertz minds are the reason to their forgetfulness but it is also where our friends cook up their hillarious and amazing ideas and topics.  And in case they forgot to tell you- they do realize and appreciate your presence to save the countless keys, wallets and phones, more importantly, your empathy to accept and embrace them.


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