April 20, 2006

Purple Dreams and Green Dreams

Posted in Personal Development at 12:25 pm by joeychan

If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.  ~Walt Disney

Dream the impossible because dreams do come true.  ~ Elijah Wood

I dream, therefore I exist. ~ August Strindberg

Dare to err and to dream. Deep meaning often lies in childish plays. ~Friedrich Schiller

There are all sorts of quotes about “dreams”. And there are all sorts of people having all sorts of dreams everywhere. But recently, I realized that a lot of people have major misinterpretation on the meaning of “dreams”. I would like to spend this part of my blog on organizing the meaning of this dreamy word.

I think there are 2 kinds of dreams. Let’s call them Purple dreams and Green dreams for now. Purple dreams are crazy dreams that you simply dream about that will never come true. For example, you dream about having a memory bread. You press the bread against a page that you need to memorize for an exam or a presentation. Then if you eat the bread you will remember everything printed on that page. Or you dream of having a memory buzzer, so that it erases a selected part of your memory. Some people make purple dreams about LIFE. They dream of being a pro athlete, or they dream of being the richest man in the world. Other people dream about more practical dreams like starting their own business or retiring at 50 years old. However, these are still purple dreams but not because of their content. They are purple dreams because of the dreamers. These dreamers heard from somewhere or read from some quotes that they need to have dreams. And that’s why they dream. They make their dreams and the next thing they do, as far as anyone is concerned, is to sit there and go on dreaming how fantastic life will be once they have achieved their dreams. They will go on thinking about the country they should retire in or the interior design of the house they will buy (usually with wall-high windows.) Or whether it is neccessary to buy a personal airplane. They do not do anything practical nor do they make any plans to make their dreams come true. Some of them may find someone or something to blame on being the obstacle to their dreams. Their dreams become as impossible as a memory buzzer and the memory bread.

What are Green dreams? Green dreams are in many ways the same with Purple dreams and, yet, different in many. Let me give an example- one of Bill Gates’ earliest dreams was “A personal computer on every desk and in every home.” He had this dream when he founded Microsft and launched the MSDOS operating system. Having such a dream at that time was as crazy as anyone wanting to be the richest man in the world because even a former IBM chairperson, Thomas Watson, once said, “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” But did Bill Gates make his dream and stop there? No. He went on planning on how Microsoft could expand market-wise, that would lead to expanding finance-wise and size-wise. He has not taken his mind off for a single minute from how to reach his goal.  This is also why he looks nothing but a geek now.  And so do many other Green dreamers. From Leonardo Da Vinci, Stephen King, John Nash, to Li Yun Di, Yang Li Wei.  They dream, plan and devote. A lot of people try to deny these people’s hardwork by claiming that they are “The Lucky Ones”. Because they think they themselves devote, too, and they are just in lack of luck. But have they forgotten to plan? Or some of them do plan but they don’t devote. And of course more of them only dream and do nothing else. They become Purple Dreamers. Little do they know the effort and time and how much the real Green Dreamers have sacrificed for their dreams- they sacrificed their entertainment, their relationships and maybe even their health. It is not up to me nor you to decide if it is a fair deal. Only in their own minds can we find the answers on how much their dreams are worth.

Green dreams and purple dreams… Which kind of dream do you have?


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