April 13, 2006

Easter Camp ’06

Posted in The Loving Tree at 3:13 am by joeychan

Today is the first day of Easter Camp at The Loving Tree. We had Malcolm and Kar Yau here for the morning, and Sophina and Water joining us in the afternoon. The first thing we did was to take the children to shop for cake-baking ingredients at Wellcome next door. Supermarket shopping is a weekly thing for we adults and everything around us seems so normal that we take for granted their presence. But they are all so interesting for the children. Children may shop with mum once in a while. But they seem to be especially excited when they are shopping with their English teachers. It is so much fun explaining everything in the supermarket to the little boys.  It took us so much time just to explain the different kinds of eggs that are in the fridge; and the 3-year old Kar Yau picked up a pack of condom at the counter and told me he wanted it. So I told him it is for daddy and mummy when they need to do something and we don’t need it for our cake today. And he quickly put it down after hearing what i said.

It is our first camp ever since our establishment and we had so many things to worry about during prepration stage- we worried about the length of the camp. Afterall the kids have to spend 7 hours here and we may not have enough interesting ideas enough for the children’s concentration to sustain. And we also worried about the duration of each activity. We might be allocating too much or too little time for each session. And we had to plan different things everyday for 5 days. That was a lot of work. But the result today is very encouraging. None of the kids seem tired or bored. They enjoyed every activity that we planned for them, e.g. Pictionary, Easter egg painting, cake-baking and not to mention Ms Nelly’s Qigong for Kids. I am so proud of having Ms. Nelly with us to host the Qigong session. She taught the young children to “sit still” and breath, and she also played a few concentration games with them that got them so excited. It was so rewarding just to hear their giggles and cackles come in through the door slit.

The Camp has not only brought us fun and laughter, it also reminds us that even for things that we see everyday and chores that we do everyday can be of so much fun- as long as we slow down and look. They were all once new and interesting to us at certain points of our lives, but we grew up and turned away from them while we were looking for something more challenging. It is almost the end of the day now. But both Miss Catel and I are very much looking foward to the rest of the Camp next week.


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